8 Perfect Days: Babymoon - Savannah

I am majorly behind. I don't know if I told you this, but I was planning on taking the week before my due date off from work. I had grand plans for getting some posts written up and doing some other this-and-that's around the house. Well, surprise, Caleb came early and I didn't get to any of it. But now I realize I have a backlog of things to share - some are pretty old now, but I figured it would still be worth sharing. 

For starters, I never finished sharing our babymoon trip. I wrote an overview of the trip and shared the Charleston part of the trip. However, we also went to Savannah and St. Augustine. Would you like to hear back those places, too? Okay, good! Because I have been thinking about this trip a lot lately. I just finished up the lotion I bought and have been wearing a t-shirt from the trip, which keeps reminding me of our adventures. So many good memories. Let me tell you about Savannah!

Savannah was charming. Compared to Charleston we felt it was more approachable and we loved how it was old meets new. We enjoyed all the squares throughout the town as well. We even meet the major of Savannah, Edna Jackson, as we roamed the city. This was our favorite stop of the trip. I would highly recommend visiting!

What we Did

  • Carolina Cider Company - We made a pit stop here on our way from Charleston to Savannah. We're so glad we stopped! They had yummy cider and local goodies. Worth a stop for sure.
  • Beaufort - This was another stop as we traveled to Savannah. It was a quintessential Southern Lowcountry town with cute shops and a nice waterfront. We found these piers not from from town that went out to the water, which were pretty cool (see top row in photo collage). We didn't stay long, but we enjoy a stroll around town and lunch at Lowcountry Produce Market & Cafe. I got a t-shirt at a cute shop, Scout Market, that says Deep South which is great to lounge in right now.
  • Forsyth Park - If you've read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil this park might sound familiar. It's a lovely park in Savannah with moss draped trees, a fountain, and beautiful houses/mansions (see middle row of photo collage). We walked through this several times and really enjoyed it. There was also a wedding one evening that we really wanted to crash!
  • River Street - This is just as it sounds, a street along the river. It had some hokey shops, but it was fun to see the water. Not worth a ton of time, but we enjoyed a quick jaunt through in the morning before everything else was open.
  • City Market and Design District - This is the part of town with cute stores and artsy things. I could have done some serious shopping damage at Terra Cotta, but managed to limit myself to one top. There was an Anthro type store called Paris Market and Savannah Bee Company (buzz yum!).
  • Free Savannah Tours - Josh and I really enjoy tours as it helps you learn the history of the city and see things you may not have found on your own. Daniel took us around town and gave a great introduction to Savannah. We started at Johnson Square and went to a a bunch of places - Oglethorpe Square, Gordon Square, Owens Thomas House, Colonial Cemetery, Lafayette Square, Cathedral of St John the Baptist, Andrew Low House (Juliet Gordon Low) - and then ended at the Chippewa Square which is the bench scene of Forrest Gump.
  • Bonaventure Cemetery - This is a bit outside of the downtown area, but worth a trip. I know it's weird to visit a cemetery, but it was so cool. It's exactly what you think of when you think of a old, mysterious Gothic cemetery in the South. I took a ton of photos - old gravestones with moss draping. 
  • Tybee Island - This is where folks must go to hit up an afternoon at the beach. Too bad for us because we didn't have bathing suits. We were hoping for a bit more of a cute town, but it was more like corny shops with junky souvenirs. We did enjoy a walk on the beach, fun seafood lunch, and seeing some beach houses though.

Where we Ate

  • The Grey - Although it's a tough call, this was probably our favorite meal of the trip. The restaurant ambiance and decor was super neat - it was an old Greyhound Bus Station. We sat next to a lovely couple and chatted for a bit. We got some delicious food including Spicy Roasted Eggplant, Seafood Boudin, Roasted Chicken, Smashed New Potatoes, and ended with an Apple & Pear Fruit Crisp.
  • Foxy Loxy Cafe - This was near our AirBnB and we enjoyed a breakfast and afternoon snack here. They had horchata lattes and kolaches. I bought a t-shirt here and have been wearing it as a PJ top and brings back good memories.
  • Flying Monk Noodle Bar - We were roaming around town, hungry on our first night in Savannah. I did some Yelping and found this awesome place. These noodles were sooooo good. I had the Na Na Noodles and Josh enjoyed the Five Spiced Pork and Rice. It was a nice change of pace from all the Southern food, too.
  • Byrd Cookies - These little gems are worth a stop. They are crunch little cookies and we bough several bags to take home. I can't decide which were my favorite, pumpkin spice or key lime. Hmmm.
  • Leopold’s Ice Cream - We had a nice afternoon pick-me-up here and shared a scoop together (flavors: pumpkin spice & honey almond). It's a classic ice cream parlor with tons of flavors. You could tell it was popular with the non-stop line out the door, but it was worth it.
  • Blue Door - This was another place near our AirBnB and we shared nutella & strawberry waffles and had brown sugar lattes. Good, but if I had know about Back in the Day Bakery I may have skipped this place and gone there twice instead. And yes, it had a blue door.
  • Back in the Day Bakery - This was such a cute bakery. In fact, my notes from the trip say, "cute, cute cute!" And delicious! Great baked goodies like banana muffins and biscuits. The coffee was great as well. 
  • Collins Quarter - We enjoyed a nice afternoon coffee to get a rest from all our walking. The food looked good, but we just enjoyed some tasty beverages.
  • Local 11 Ten - This is where we celebrated Josh's birthday. I tried to get reservations for The Grey for his birthday, but they were closed that day. This place was good for sure, but compared to all the other great food on the trip it wasn't our very favorite. We enjoyed the tasso-rubbed pork loin with creamed carolina rice & bussels sprouts, beef bourguignon, mac n cheese, and then topped it all off with an after dinner drink on roof top porch (Josh did at least, remember I was preggo - sadly no cocktails for this lady, such a shame).
  • Cotton and Rye - And this is where we should have gone for Josh's birthday dinner. We were kicking ourselves afterwards. We decided to get dessert somewhere other then Local 11 Ten for Josh's birthday treat and landed here randomly (thanks Yelp). It had only been opened three months, but we loved the atmosphere and food. We sat outside on the patio and devoured the banana white chocolate bread pudding. Good memories.

Where we Stayed

We stayed in a historic Suite AirBnB, which was quite nice. It had a comfy bed, a spacious bathroom, and a kitchenette. It was pretty walkable to the downtown - although, it wasn't crazy crazy close, but if a pregnant lady can do it then so can you. ;) Check out the video tour...

Savannah Historic Suite Tour