Caleb's 5 Month Update

I'm going to sound like a broken record here...but really, it's already five months. This has been the fastest five months of my entire life. All of a sudden it's June and summer. It's crazy talk. Nonetheless, time has gone by and Caleb is already five months old. Ahhhhh! 

I know I'm slightly biased, but I think he's the cutest little guy. I took some photos today to capture the five month birthday and I think I took over 100 photos. But what's a mama to do? There are so many props to mark his month birthday - there are some with the blocks, the stickers (two kinds), Max the Raccoon, and then he was just being so darn cute (you know, drooling, laughing, wiggling, and begin just plain adorable). 

So I don't to bombard you with photos (who am I kidding, I already have bombarded you). I'm going to save my favorite photos from the past month for my next post. This time you just see today's photoshoot. Sorry I didn't narrow it down. I have a hard time deciding because each one I'm like "awww, he's being so {cute/goofy/etc}."

Hang on...don't stop with just these, though. Keep reading because I have some look backs at the past months in this post as well!

A Quick Look at the Past Months

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