Caleb's 5 Month Update - Favorites

I warned you in my other post that I was planning on posting more photos for Caleb's 5 month birthday, so don't act all surprised here. I'm just one proud mama that feels the need to share copious amounts of photos of my little guy. 

Family Time

Nothing beats seeing his face light up and see him waves his arms out when you enter the room. It warms my heart to see him get all excited when dad walks in the door from work. This month Grandma Nada & Grandpa Don visited, which as so wonderful.

A Few Favorites

I just can't get over his smile. He's such a happy little guy (most of the time, that is). I still love to look at him when he sleeps; it's so peaceful and sweet.  

Favorite Toys

Here are some of Caleb's favorite toys. Not pictured: My hair and dad's beard, which are maybe his favorite "toys" - eh hem. 


We love hanging with other mamas & babies. Sometimes we hang at each others homes, sometimes its a walk, and sometimes we go on adventures like to the Museum of Flight (pictured below).

And Just Because

Can you guess who gave him the red polo and tan pants outfit? Yup, Grandpa John. 

He just keeps growing and growing. Craziness.