Caleb's 7 Month Update

Life has been busy. Like really busy. Busy and fast. In fact, it's going so busy and so fast that Caleb's 7 month birthday was on 8/2 and I still haven't posted anything. Never fear, though, here it is! 

As always, let's start with all the blocks and stickers that indicate his age...

Next up, his 7 month photoshoot. I took the pictures in our new backyard. More on that later because right now the focus is Caleb, but yes we moved and we have a lovely backyard. Caleb loves the outdoors! I think his facial expressions are the best and you can really see his personality starting to shine through.

He has been a busy guy learning all sorts of things. Here's a look back at what he's learned and developed during the past month.

Smiles are the best and there is no shortage of them with Caleb. He's a happy, smiling little guy. I can be tired or upset and he'll give me one of his dashing smiles and everything is alright in the world again. They are pretty contagious, too. 

Here's so other expressions I just love. He has the curious look, the focused look, and the cute sleepy face look. It cracks me up because he loves to pull the mesh down on the crib and peer out. He must have major FOMO, not to mention Mr. Curious. 

Do you see that crying photo? Yea, that was a tough day. It was his 6 month check-up and he got shots. Shots are no good for him or for mama. I had to take the photo to because #momlife can be hard.

Also, he just loves Asha and she's pretty patient with him (read more about it). It's so sweet and helpful when he cries because just showing him Asha makes him stop. 

And...those eyes. They make my heart melt. 

I think his favorite activity is spending time with mom and dad. I will take it all in right now because in about 15 years this won't be the case.

He was helpful in packing as well. (Check out the tips I have for moving with a baby)

Grandma and Grandpa O'Neill came up to help us move. He loves them so much and they love him.

I couldn't resist sharing some more photos - just too cute. I love the concentration and determination in his face on the top right photo - he's going after the ball in that one. The bottom right has him looking up into the sky at then plane flying overhead. 

I can't even remember life without this little pumpkin! What a ride it's been so far.