Caleb's 6 Month Update

Caleb is another month older! He's officially half a year old now - that's crazy talk! 

He's really turning into quite the character and we love him dearly. In fact, I love him more than the day he was born - the love just keeps growing and growing (as does the photo taking). Yet again, I have a bazillion photos to share. 

6 Month Photoshoot

I try to do a monthly "photoshoot" to capture him with the blocks, Max the Raccoon, and the stickers.

What He Did This Month

You might recall I started to write down things Caleb learned in the past month. Below shows what he did during his fifth month - from 5/2/16 to 6/2/16 - hence why I have the 5 month photo with it. It's pretty amazing how much he's learned in six months of life! It's the most and wonderful thing to wake up each day and see something new that he can do.

Cuteness Overload

Caleb has the most contagious smile. His smiles and giggles bring such joy. I think he's just the cutest! 

Mad Skillz

Like I said, it's amazing the rate at which they learn and grow. Caleb is picking up some mad skills. He's sitting in his Bumbo now (still working on sitting up on his own). Also, he can blow some mad bubbles. One of his favorites is grabbing his feet. Oh, and those fingers - so great to suck on. He has much more manual dexterity, so he's grabbing at everything. 

Snuggle Monster

He loves to snuggle just like his mama. If you put a blanket near by, he will grab it and just cuddle into it. It's pretty funny, but he rolls around in his crib until he's tight in the corner. Then he sticks butt up in the air. This is how he slept most night. But my all-time favorite, is when he falls asleep in my arms.

Curious Caleb goes on Vacation

We went on our first trip and Caleb was a champ. Read all about it here. He had a lot of firsts on the trip; it was great!

First Foods

Ahh, solids. Just when I think I got the breastfeeding thing down it's time to start solids. He was showing signs of being interested inf food - staring at my key lime dessert and grabbing the pork sandwich. So we tried some sweet potato and banana. The sweet potato we might try again since it might have been too soon. The banana, though, he liked. Solids here we come! 

Active & Activities

He is always on the go - can't. stop. moving. This scares me for when he's able to walk. His favorite activities are the Jump-a-roo and ExerSaucer. He also started going face-forward in the carrier, and LOVES it. He enjoys seeing everything (and grabbing it...poor plants). 

Visitors and Cola

We found some Caleb's Kola. Apparently he's started up a soda company; such an entrepreneur. I kid. But it was fun.

He also got to meet my Aunt Ann & Uncle Mike. I think his smiles won them over. 

There you have it. Another month gone by, and a bigger and more curious Caleb.