Max the Raccoon & Caleb

I'd like you to meet Max the Raccoon. I think Max is much like Pumpkin the Raccoon - cute, curious, and good tempered - so he's allowed in the house and around Caleb. In fact, he's been Caleb's friend since day 1. I know their friendship will continue over the years (or at least I hope so, Max is a such a cute stuffed animal).

Max was born at Hazel Village. I found out about Hazel Village through a blogger I follow (but for the life of me can't remember which one). I also noticed these cuties on our favorite photographer's site, Kristen Honeycutt. I knew when I had a baby, I would want one as well. 

Max took on a big be the buddy to compare Caleb's growth. Max has taken this assignment seriously and has posed in photos for 16 weeks. After 16 weeks, he's agreed to do it for each month's birthday. He's a good sport.

To give you an idea, Max is just about 15 inches long. Caleb was born at 17.5 inches. 

Max also visited Caleb when he was born at the hospital - and helped snuggle the few days we were in the Special Care unit.

And he's just been around for snuggles...and nap time. What a pal! 

And here's Caleb growing next to Max.

It's darling to see how Caleb went from just lying there next to Max to hugging him at the end. It'll be fun to see him grow more! Yikes, it's going so fast.