Caleb's 11 Month Update

There are no more words or ways to say, "I can't believe it" or "time is just flying!" I have used them all up in my monthly updates. But it's just so true. This year has flown by and just can't believe he's getting to the one year birthday. Oh man, it's crazy. 

A wee bit late getting this update posted. Why, you ask? Because...Life (with a baby).  

Anyway, here we are at 11 months. Gosh, it's a good thing the stickers only go up to 12 months because it's getting ridiculously hard to get photos these days - constant motion, wiggles, crawls, standing up & down, and squirming all about. You can see I got desperate at the end when I stuck both stickers hoping for something...anything. Photos are tough (diaper changes are even tougher! TMI?).

Taking the photos has gotten frustrating and yet also pretty hilarious. Caleb goes from screaming, crying, hysterical laughing, and back to sweet Caleb. Look at the expression in that face! You could put some funny narration to some of these photos. I like the one with Asha sitting in the background. I imagine the dog saying, "good grief!" I also love his latest expression where he sticks his tough out. 

He's not only cute, but developing so much so fast. He stopped the adorable schooch, and now doing the standard crawl. Once he got that down, he started moving at lightning speed. His little butt wiggles as he goes. He seems to get faster when he's getting into no good (and he knows it). He also discovered the staircase and now likes to head over there to do some stair masters. His curiosity also brought him to the Tupperware drawer. 

SoCal - Grandparents Trip

Caleb and I went down to San Diego to stay with Grandma & Grandpa O'Neill for a week. We got to go to the beach, see Aunt Lindsay, and have fun in the sunny, warm SoCal weather. He was also witness to the Cubs World Series win, which brought Grandpa John to tears (ok, he was sleeping, but he enjoyed the next day celebrations).   

First Thanksgiving

I thought it would be such a fun idea to do a turkey hand picture for Thanksgiving. It didn't go exactly as I imagined, but nonetheless it was cute. Caleb ate some turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and green beans. Best part of Thanksgiving: seeing Grandma and Grandpa Brown. 

Family Time

Dad works a lot, but we get some fun family time on the weekends. See the rainbow in that picture? That was almost our Christmas card photo. 


What I love about Caleb is all his expressions. He's got the best faces! The hats don't stay on very long, but a persistent mom is around to keep it on. I think the most common observation from people when we're out & about is how blue his eyes are and how happy he is. We're pretty lucky to have such a joyful baby.


Caleb thinks his best friend is Asha. Asha thinks Caleb is her worst nightmare. Maybe once the ear and tail pulling phases ends, things will change (or so Asha hopes). We also got together with our PEPS group friends at Queen Anne Beerhall (yes, babies at a beer hall).

Activities and Around Town

Caleb discovered the Tupperware drawer...eureka! We also still enjoy baby time at the library - we get to play with the parachute and bubbles. And it's pretty cute - every time we pass by a green bush, Caleb points at it because he wants to touch the leaves. 

Dare I say it, but next update is one year. OMG. OMG. OMG.