A Onesie - Then and Now

I took some photos of Caleb today - ok, I admit, that's everyday. But today I got to put him in short sleeves since it's so sunny and (somewhat) warm today. I picked the "Heart in Seattle" onesie. Remember it? Yup, the very one we used to announce the pregnancy

It's so crazy to think back to the onesie before we knew Caleb. Oh sure, I knew a baby was on the way, and it was real (to a certain extent), but now it's very, very real...he's wearing it!

I was talking to another mama this morning, and we were saying how weird it is to think back to being pregnant and the little baby in front of us was the little being kicking and making all the fussy. Now, they are here in front of us. Blows my mind!

Well, that's all I wanted to share. Just so neat to see him finally wearing the onesie we bought last year.