It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas...

This season has been busy, busy, busy, busy. But also fun, fun, fun, fun!!! I love Christmas. The season started off going slow, but now I'm like "wait...hold on! Slow down!" Can you believe Christmas starts this weekend? So excited and yet I want the season to continue for much longer.

I'm going to keep the writing short, and the photos long on this one (well, like most of my posts these days, haha). 

Santa Visit

Of course, we had to see Santa. Caleb handled it very well. No crying, in fact. Although, he was WAY more interested in the candy cane than in Santa. He wasn't sure why he was sitting with Santa, but if it meant getting to eat a candy cane, then he was all for it. I was pretty surprised to find how much he likes candy canes. He never ceases to surprise me. 

Check out last year...the Santa visit was much smoother this year.

Reindeer at Watson's Nursery

I heard there were reindeer at Watson's Nursery, so we made a trip one Sunday afternoon to say hi. Caleb did actually waive and say "hi" to the reindeer. He does this with most animals. There was a cute little shop and Christmas trees (although, we got a tree at a place closer to home).

Our Christmas Tree

We got our tree at the same place as last year, Gardensphere. We put Caleb in the stroller and Asha on the leash, and walked over to it. It's a great family owned nursery, so it's great to support them. Plus, they do free delivery and setup. Sold! 

We got the tree all decked and glowing. I love the baby's breath and poinsettias on our tree. The baby's breath idea is from the Brown family and the poinsettias from the O'Neill family. Caleb just loves the tree. He says, "wow" whenever he sees it and insists the lights be turned on. He also likes to bring me ornaments. 

Festival of Trees 

We joined our friends Bri and her son, Johann, at the Festival of Trees in Tacoma. The boys loved the trees - each with a theme. They especially liked the trees themed as kids gifts. Soooo tempting to just crawl under the rope (well wait a second, they did try that). 

Gingerbread House

I bought a gingerbread kit at Costco, so Caleb and I put one together. Caleb preferred to eat the gingerbread man and candy, but he did get some candies on the house. 

Stepping into Christmases Past

We went to Fort Nisqually's 19th Century Christmas, which as quite fun even thought we were cutting it close to nap time. Father Christmas was fun, and again Caleb enjoyed a candy cane. 

Christmas Spirit Around Town

We went to a few craft festivals, shopping, and walking the neighborhood and seeing lights. My favorite was when Caleb first saw the stockings. He asked what it was and I said it as a stocking, so he tried to put it on his foot. Too cute!

Decorating the House & Wagon Rides

I got out all the decorations and the house is full of wrath and spirit. I love it. 

Caleb enjoyed the red wagon after visiting Santa. Isn't that sweater the cutest? Caleb loves it too since it has a truck and a dog. 


The Point Defiance Zoo lights up each night during the season for Zoolights. We went with our neighbor and friends, Krissy and her son, Sebastian. The lights were beautiful and the kids enjoyed the goats and carousel. A bit chilly but good fun!

We have a few more days to continue to celebrate. I'll be sure to fill you in on all our festive fun!!