My Warby Parker Glasses Decision

So you might recall that Josh got some new glasses last year. I told you all about how he used Warby Parker. I figured after my annual* eye appointment I would skip getting them at the eye doctor's office - they get pretty pricey, even with insurance applied - and try Warby Parker for myself. 

*My mom instilled me in the necessity of going to the eye doctor regularly every year. If you knew her eyes, you'd know why.

I actually ended up getting two boxes of glasses to try - one a few weeks after the other. The first box I ordered included two sunglasses, but then I decided to pass on the sunglasses and just get a back-up pair of glasses. Plus, I figured if I put a pair of glasses in my car and a pair in my purse, I was more likely to wear them. And, let me tell you, I really should wear them more often - it was a secret 2015 resolution of mine. 

Being the indecisive person I am, I had to get a second box to have even more options to chose from. Yes, it seems backwards to give a girl with decision problems more options, but somehow it makes me feel better. I get paranoid that if I don't exhausted every single option that I'll make a horrible, horrible decision - one that I'll regret forever. I mean, I can't possibly buy a pair of glasses AGAIN. Right? Right? Okay, I know. I'm just a bad making the final call. 

Here's what my first box looked like...

Sorry, not the best photos. And don't judge my face, it was night-time and it was poor lighting. POOR LIGHTING PEOPLE. Okay?

The second box, well, I forgot to take photos. I think I was in a hurry to make my decision and didn't think I'd end up writing a post. Silly me. But here's what I ordered in my box. Notice how the At-Home Trial is Free. Yes, you can get a box delivered with 5 pairs of glasses delivered free of charge - even shipping is free. 

If you're more indecisive than me (I'd find that really hard to believe), then you can use their virtual try-on tool. Here's me trying on the Marshall in Rum Cherry. I almost got these...but then I didn't.

I ended up with the Nedwin in Summer Green.  Do you like them? I do! I do! 

And guess what...I AM wearing my glasses more now. Yippee! Here's me wearing them while out for coffee. 

All in all, I had a great experience with Warby Parker. I even got to use my out-of-network to get some money back, so in the end they were pretty cheap glasses (cheaper than getting them at the eye doctor, in fact!). So if you're in need of glasses, give Warby a whirl.