Knock Knock, Anyone Home?

Oh hi, yes I'm home. I may have been silent lately on my blog, but I've been waging war here on the home front. It's Josh and me against the boxes. At first I thought the boxes were winning, but we shall win the war. 

Still have no idea what I'm talking about? Well, we moved! We are now in the new (rental) home! A real, grown-up home. With no shared walls, just us and the home....and unpacking. I'm sure as you all know, this is a challenge and a pain. All the boxes scare me. The basement really scares me as that's our hidden, un-organized space. See what I mean:

Luckily, the end result is rewarding. Or at least, that's what I keep telling myself. HA! 

But seriously, we're loving the new home. I LOVE that we have a dishwasher. I play this game - pick up an item and then ask myself: "Can this go in the dishwasher?" It's awesome.

We also now have a washer and dryer. When I did the laundry the other day, I took something out of the drier and realized it was still damp. You know what I did? I put it back in. No big deal. It's awesome.

Not to mention, it's a HOME. A real home and a yard. Guess what's next...a dog! 

So we now live in Magnolia. It's darling, quite and just a great neighborhood. There is Discovery Park just around the corner. We also have some pretty darn good views. All in all, I can we are  pretty pleased.

A tour of the house is yet to come. I'm waiting until it's a bit more presentable. For now, enjoy a photo of the front of the house...

Yay! Live is good...and busy...but good for sure!