Random Acts of the Month: August 2015

Yes, yes I know we're already halfway through September and I'm talking about August. Can we blame pregnancy brain? I'd like to do that. (Although, it's not that I forgot, it's just that I haven't had the time). Anyway, here's a look back at August...fashionably late. 


Here's our little Asha pup. Well, not so little anymore, but frankly not as big as we thought she'd be at this point either. Fingers crossed she stays this size (that would be about 45 Ibs...she just looked at me and shook her head for sharing her weight). 

Her other names are as follows, but not limited to: Pupadoo, Asha P. Pup, sweetie pie, our little terrorist. She goes from sweetie pie to terrorist pretty quickly. The photo on the far left is our walk home...sans walking. 

Here's some drinks we had in August. I had a lovely mocktail - seriously, it was delicious. While Josh enjoyed a margarita. And our favorite rooibos tea lattes from Cederberg (remember this post?) with a crunchie bar and fudge.

We went to our annual Mariner's game with our church. And they won! Woohoo. Before the game, we got lunch at Rain Shadow Meats in Pioneer Square. So meaty. 

I'm growing....and I'm bigger now than I am in this photo. AHH! I got some great clothes from Stitch Fix, though. I was very happy with my box and would definitely recommend it for maternity wear. Here's a rant: maternity clothes. ARGH!! Expensive and not easy to find (as in not many stores carry their maternity clothes in their actual stores; you have to go online). I could go on, but it'll likely bore you. It bugs me and makes the sassy preggo Heather speak out. 

My company participated in Wayzgoose again. We did it last year and the year before. The theme was man vs. machine. I thought our B-Bot Battle poster was pretty cool, but sadly no winning this year. It was a fun time, though.

I'll keep it short, but we had a great August. 

And now September, probably one of my favorite months. Did I smell pumpkin???